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Peach Cobbler
If you browse through our website, you'll notice that each and every recipe has an information section. Contained in this information section is a list of servings, calories per serving, and total grams of fat per serving. We have consulted with a certified nutritionist to calculate these figures, so they are very accurate. It is important to note however, that any slight variation in any recipe will alter the calorie and fat content level, so if you are a calorie counter, then you should make any necessary calculations accordingly. If you want to change the proportions of any recipe or scale the serving size up or down, then it should be really easy to adjust the calorie figure accordingly. I do honestly try and dissuade people from worrying about the calorie content in peach cobbler, as it's not something you eat every day, and it should be enjoyed guilt and worry free.

If are interested in lowering the calorie level in any particular recipe, then there are a variety of ways of doing so. The first and most effective way is by simply lowering the amount of sugar that goes into any particular dessert dish. By lowering the sugar level, that doesn't always necessarily mean that your dessert won't be as delicious. There are many sugar substitutes out there are on the market today that taste great, and in fact many of them are derived from real natural sugar themselves. Splenda, Monin, and Torani all make absolutely delicious sugar free sweeteners, and using any of them in place of real sugar will dramatically reduce the calorie level. Some sugar free sweeteners even come in different flavors, such as vanilla, almond, caramel, and more. So do give this calorie shaver method a try the next time you whip up a batch of peach cobbler.

Another very effective way to reduce to the overall calorie level in peach cobbler, is to use fresh peaches instead of canned peaches. Canned peaches are very delicious, yet they are packed with tons of calories due to the sugar and syrup that they are soaked in. Draining the syrup from the peaches will obviously reduce the calorie level, however the peaches themselves have absorbed quite a lot of the syrup. So the best way to avoid the dilemma altogether, is to simply use fresh peaches. If you can't find peaches at your local grocer, then you can replace them with fresh nectarines, which obviously taste a little different, but are just as delicious in a cobbler dessert dish. Now obviously I highly recommend canned peaches if you aren't counting calories, as they are just as delicious as fresh peaches in my opinion, both varieties bringing their own flavor to the dessert.

The last way that you can cut calories in our cobbler recipes, is to swap out any dairy products and butter for healthier alternatives. For example fresh squeezed juices can be a great substitute for milk or heavy cream, and not only do they contain less calories, they also have zero fat. You can also use non dairy based milks and butter, like almond milk, soy milk, vegan butter, all of which are healthier for your body, and contain substantially less calories. The taste will obviously be different, rich creamy butter and heavy cream are very tasty, however the alteratives that we mentioned above are equally delicious. The first time I ever tried vegan or dairy free peach cobbler, I was shocked at how delicious the dessert was. So be sure not to let your expectations get ahead of you, as the healthier alternatives are very delicious as well if you are counting calories.
How Many Calories Are In Peach Cobbler
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