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Peach Cobbler
Navajo Peach Apple Crisp
Peach Crisp Recipes
Our web editor often receives the question asking what the difference is between a peach cobbler and a peach crisp. The answer to that question is pretty simple, a peach cobbler usually contains a thick crust either above or below the fruit filling, while a crisp usually just contains a crumbly topping that is sprinkled over the fruit, or mixed into it. The line between the two can get some what blurry at times, as some cobbler recipes do have a more crumbly crust, however a cobbler tends to have much more topping than a crisp. I do suppose however there are dessert dishes that could very easily be considered both a cobbler and a crisp, so at that point it's really up to you to decide what to call it. There is no definition carved into stove anywhere, and I highly doubt anyone will have a problem with what you call your dessert, so long as it tastes good.

Our website contains mostly peach cobbler based recipes, as that is the general theme of our website. However in this section of our website we will continue to add recipes for peach crisp. There are literally thousands of peach crisp recipes out there to choose from, so we plan to focus on the most popular, as well as some of our own personal favorites. Some of our web guests and visitors have asked us if we plan to launch to a website exclusively dedicated to peach crisp, however at this time we have no plans of pursuing the idea. Please do be aware however, that we will happily accept any of your peach crisp recipes for publishing on our website, as we would like to see this category grow as much as possible. If you have any trouble finding our peach crisp recipes, then please contact our staff so that we can assist you.

Peach crisp is an absolutely wonderful recipe, I particularly enjoy extremely sweet brown sugar and oatmeal based toppings. The peach crisp dessert is heavily dependant on it's topping, and there are virtually an unlimited number of ways that you can create a crisp topping. In the past I have used honey, brown sugar, white sugar, quick oats, crushed pecans, crushed walnuts, toasted sunflower seeds, graham cracker crumbs, Oreo cookie crumbs, and many different types of flour. So we really encourage you to get creative when creating a crisp topping, as there are plenty of delicious ideas out there that have yet to be discovered or fully explored. If you are short on creative ideas, then explore the option of adding alcohol, liqueurs, candy, or exotic spices to your topping. I have even used bacons bits once, and surprisingly it turned out very good.

The fruit filling in any crisp is just as flexible as the topping, and again there are thousands of ways to create it. In some cases I will preheat my fruit filling in a saucepan beforehand, or in other cases I will cook the crisp without preheating the filling. You can even fry your filling in a cooking skillet, which works very well if you have an extremely fast cooking crisp topping. With regard to the ingredients, I have used tons of different things, such as regular plain white sugar, brown sugar, dark muscovado sugar, bees honey, no sugar sweetener, maple syrup, apple sauce, peach jam, and even a little dark brewed coffee. So in similar fashion to the crisp topping, don't be afraid to get creative with your crisp filling as well, as creating it isn't an exact science, and it's very accommodating towards new ideas.
The Difference Between Cobbler And Crisp
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Peach Cobbler
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